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Empire Newport Shadowrunners
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29th-Dec-2006 04:53 am - Long Live Shadowrun.
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Is it any wonder I love this place?

23rd-Oct-2006 05:13 pm(no subject)
Just so you know, this Friday will be the last day that I make game. You all can divide my dice up afterwards.
12th-Oct-2006 09:08 pm - Call of Cthulhu
I expect to start as close to Dave's arrival time as possible. Hopefully no more than 20 min or so picking out characters and explaining the dice system, then right into the action. I hope I hope I hope. First few games will be short missions to get you used to things, then I might start up something a little longer.

Just so everyone knows, Call of Cthulhu uses the basic 7-dice set, so if everyone brings their D&D dice, we'll be golden. See you there!
i didn't put those roses there, (NL) Once a Thief, Victor: What the Shit is This?, war of the roses
And I got this result:

Your Bumper Sticker Should Be

Come to the darkside, we have cookies

I had to post it here. Y'all understand.
21st-Aug-2006 04:27 pm - The Rusty Keg Christmas Party
In order to make it a little easier for you guys to network, talk to people, etc, at the Christmas party, this is the list of people who were present at the party. A little basic information that Jack would be able to give you on each person is included to make things easier. Drop me a message or email with who you want to talk to, and we'll work it out. :> Magically active types (Emily and Alex), if you want to know about cyberware and auras, let me know and I will give you that information as well.

The Keg Christmas Party's 'Who's who'Collapse )
15th-Aug-2006 12:21 am - (OOC) Planning
I just wanted to go over a few things recap-style as to what's going on with key events in the world for the group before I start the next piece of the campaign, and get some feedback for what you guys are planning to do and what you'd like to see/follow up on. I expect to pick up the game just after Christmas, though I won't be sure until Friday.

  • Akimi is home from the hospital, though still very fragile and prone to fits of hysterics.

  • There have been no new bodies found in the Dockside Slasher case. This makes nearly a month without any new victims.

  • The case of the young woman found dead in her car in a strip mall parking lot remains unsolved. No similar events have taken place.

  • The troll who underwent a second fit of goblinization was released from the hospital with no more information. There are still scattered reports of mutations, including humans changing in odd ways or even undergoing full goblinization into orks and such. These reports are still extremely rare, however, numbering 1 per hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions.

  • Dmitri continues to show up in the Rusty Keg now and then.

  • Dana Barrett is still missing. There have been no more murders of black market antiquity dealers. Ian Pierce is apparently in London, laying low and staying out of the situation.

  • The mysterious stranger that Jesus spotted outside the hotel the night of the party, when Akimi was attacked, has been spotted again once, briefly, by Raven. He was apparently sleeping in a car in front of Alpha Investigations.

  • Mr. White has hinted at the possibility of more work for you after the New Year.

  • Thorn is still in Seattle but laying low. The Johnson that hired you to break into Sun Pharmeceuticals is apparently gunning for her, after cutting a deal with her for her extra vial of the experimental drug sample. Her partner, Twist, is still missing and presumed to be hiding from the 'Star. An old associate from the past is also, apparently, in Seattle looking for her.(Yes, I will recap this run as well, and post-date it)

  • The company Christmas party was an overall success. Thorn made an appearance just to tweak Raven a bit.

As always, if anyone has anything to add that I've missed, let me know and I'll fix it.
4th-Aug-2006 12:16 am - (OOC) August 11th
As you guys know, I'm going to be in Indianapolis at Gencon from August 9th through the 14th, which means no game on friday, the 11th. There WILL be a game on the 4th, mind you.

Dave has expressed an interest in running a one-shot D&D game while I'm gone for the group. We'll discuss it tomorrow when he gets there, but since the session will probably be fairly short, he'd like to try and at least get you guys some character ideas, maybe roll stats, etc. We'll see what happens, but I'm cool with the idea and he wanted me to post.
28th-Jul-2006 12:49 am - Downtime
In the hospital, Akimi continues to recover, but slowly, suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and unable to talk about what happened to her in the ladies’ room of the hotel. Donovan, the mage that Mr. White hired to run with the group on the hotel job, has been a somewhat regular visitor to her hospital room with unknown intentions, causing Raven and Jin to arrange a higher level of security.

Raven and Krongor also recover in the hospital, Krongor getting out several days ahead of Raven. Krongor manages to finally find himself an apartment, the gutted lounge that once connected to a small Chinese restaurant called, appropriately enough, Chao's. The apartment comes complete with an elderly chinese lady who insists on bringing Krongor and his dog, Meatbag, soy lo mein.
28th-Jul-2006 12:42 am - Live By Wire, Die By Wire p2
The following day, the morning news covers a story about a naked, severely beaten elf found handcuffed to a light post in the middle of downtown. Hundreds of workers arrived in the morning to the sight of the elf, who is in police custody due to being in possession of a massive amount of illegal cyberware. Hellcat smiles smugly.

The day passes quietly, while the group guards Jamie and waits for news of the drop-off point. Finally, Bob calls with the meet location, a small private airport at the edge of town. A private plane is waiting to take Jamie to Boston, where he’ll have the dangerous cyberware removed.

More trouble awaits, however. Spin’s character runs as advance scout on his motorcycle, and discovers a roadblock run by armed men waiting on the road to the airport. He finds the situation extremely suspicious, as the men are wearing generic uniforms, carrying light machine guns, and claim that the airport is closed due to a terrorist threat. Spin’s character turns around and retreats before the situation can get worse, sending a warning to Hellcat via radio.

Common agreement is that the guards will find Jamie if they search the van, and that the guards are actually corporate goons trying to find the kid and bring him back. With no other options immediately available, Hellcat exercises her command decision and rams the barricade. The heavily armored van hits one guard, crippling him, and rams the barricade, running over two spike strips and taking a hail of autofire on its way through.

With damaged tires and unknown numbers of bullets denting the sides of the van, Hellcat maneuvers the damaged vehicle as the enemy’s van attempts to pursue. However, a couple of grenades out the back, courtesy of Alex’s character, discourages further pursuit, and hellcat manages to pull the van right onto the airfield next to the corp transport awaiting Jamie. Knowing that they’re beat, the enemy corp retreats, with the friendly corp goons picking up the stragglers and doing general cleanup.

Job done, the group collects a handsome sum of money and goes to ground to recuperate. Raven closes Alpha Investigations for the three weeks it will take him to recover, and the rest of the group goes their separate ways to take advantage of the downtime.
28th-Jul-2006 12:21 am - Live By Wire, Die By Wire, p1
Several days after the hotel guard job, the runners receive a late night call from Uncle Bob the fixer, asking them for an emergency meeting at Bob’s home to fix a run gone awry.

When the group gets to the house, they find a stranger waiting with Bob, who explains that he had hired a shadowrunning team to extract and deliver a young man from a security corporation called Iron Eagle Technologies. The young man was implanted with a new, experimental cyberware called Move By Wire that was slowly killing him. The arrangements for the young man, named only Jamie, were made to be taken from the corp experimenting on him, and transferrd to a rival corporation that would remove the cyberware. The deal would be that the rival corp would be allowed to keep the Move-by-wire system once removed from Jamie, allowing the young man to live. Wif the system were to stay implanted, Jamie would most likely die within two months. Concerned about this situation, Bob made an agreement with another fixer for the run.

However, the run didn’t go as planned: the shadowrunning group that Bob hired decided that instead of delivering Jamie, they’d keep him to sell to the highest bidder, including Iron Eagle. Bob then introduces the stranger with him as Shen, a street samurai who found the betrayal unacceptable. Shen was part of the group, but came to Bob to inform him of his erstwhile team’s betrayal, so the situation could be set right. Bob wants the group to take Jamie back from the other team, without hurting him, and keep him safe until a new drop-off can be arranged.

Armed with some information about the team, Shen leads the group to the safehouse where Jamie is being kept. There are three runners that he knows of: a mage named Jade, Chace, a razorboy and leader of the group, and an orc mercenary named Thud.

The newest member of Alpha, Spin’s sword-smith samurai, goes to the roof to prepare a sneak attack, while Shen bravely returns to the hideout with a pizza as though nothing happened. He’s treated with something between indifference and suspicion.

A full frontal assault seems to be the order of the day, as Krongor kicks in the safehouse door and Spin’s character comes crashing through the boarded up window on a rappelling line, throwing knives flying. The scene degenerates quickly into an all out freefire zone, with Alex’s character throwing fire spells to subdue Jade, the mage while Krongor and Raven exchange fire with Thud and Chace.

Chace gives the group one chance to surrender, telling them to “walk the fuck away”, but his group is outgunned and he goes down under the fire, though not before dealing critical damage to Krongor. Seeing her lover gunned down, the mage Jade opens fire on his killer, Raven, shooting him in the face and chest with flechettes before a well-placed throwing knife ends her life.

Biotech and magic manage to stabilize the gravely wounded Raven and Krongor, and semi-conscious and in terrible pain, the group manages to stagger down to the exit, to meet with a new threat: sniper fire from the opposing roof that drives them back into the halls of the wrecked building looking for another way out. A radio call to Hellcat brings an assurance that she’ll deal with the sniper, and the group waits.

It takes Hellcat several minutes to deal with the sniper threat, however the group’s wait is rewarded by the sight of the rigger dragging a badly beaten and half-stripped elf down the stairs by the ankle. Hellcat makes sure to catch at least every other step with his head. Looking completely smug, Hellcat shoves him in the cargo hold in the back.

The group splits: some, to a safehouse to take care of the dazed and beaten Jamie, Hellcat goes to deal with the elf sniper, Krongor and Raven to a street doctor to see to their still serious wounds. Both Raven and Krongor are admitted to the hospital as a favor from Mr. White, as their wounds are still severe enough to require medical treatment, particularly Raven, whose frail constitution and severe facial injuries require extended care. Before succumbing to drugs and much needed rest, Raven places Hellcat in charge of the group, as Jin Li is still watching Akimi and all other senior members of Alpha Investigations are either gone, dead, or incapacitated.
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